Our ground coffees

Our ground coffees

"You believe in coffee grounds, In omens, in great games: I only believe in your big eyes."

Paul Verlaine

Our organic fairtrade crueltyfree ground coffee

Our ground coffees

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    Immerse yourself in the mysteries and legends of Ethiopia through the delicate aromas of our organic & fair trade mocha coffee from Ethiopia.

    The word "coffee" probably originates from the Arabic "K'hawah" which means invigorating, but some linguists claim that it comes from the word "Kaffa", the name of the province of Ethiopia where it was discovered.

    Our coffee is made from pure Arabica. Arabica comes from Coffea Arabica which produces a fine and aromatic coffee.

    Our beans are slowly roasted through the heart and stirred regularly to guarantee a perfect release of their aromas.

    They are roasted in France.

    It comes from organic farming certified by FR-BIO-10.

    It is marketed in a recyclable kraft bag, produced by a French family business.