Our floral waters

Our floral waters

"Each flower evaporates like a censer; - The violin quivers like a grieving heart; - Melancholy waltz and languorous vertigo!"

Charles Baudelaire

Evening harmony

Our floral waters

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  • Organic fine lavender...

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    Let yourself be seduced by the unique scents of our floral water of organic fine lavender flowers PDO from Provence.

    It is an emblematic flower of France that will sublimate your beauty routines (hair, face, body...).

    It is very popular for beauty care and perfumes for its many virtues for the skin and hair.

    Our fine lavender, also called real lavender, and our water (or hydrosol) of organic fine lavender AOP de Provence are produced by a family business in Haute Provence, specializing in lavender for several generations.

    Our foral water comes from distillation by steam extraction.

    It is a product from organic farming certified FR-BIO-01.