Our cocoas & chocolates

Our cocoas & chocolates

"Chocolate, in those days, was made with cocoa, sugar and vanilla. At the top of the house, the chocolate bricks were drying, lying soft on the terrace. And, each morning, chocolate bars revealed, printed in hollow flowers with five petals, the nocturnal passage of the cats."


Organic cocoas & chocolates fairtrade crueltyfree

Our cocoas & chocolates

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    Our tasty organic olivettes are almonds from Provence delicately coated with delicious dark chocolate.

    They have been cultivated, picked and processed by local producers in Provence, in the south of France.

    The almond is roasted then coated with dark chocolate on a layer of sugar, to give it crunch. The dyes used are completely natural: spirulina (green algae) and charcoal.

    Almonds, full of vitamin E and B, magnesium, calcium, iron and protein, combine with the finesse of chocolate to bring you relaxation and pleasure.

    Do not consume in case of allergy to nuts and oilseeds.

    Our tasty olives from Provence, certified organic, are sold in a pretty recyclable box.