Our green tea

Our green tea

"Harmony, respect, purity, serenity, wa-kei-sei-jaku."

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Okakura Kakuzo

Our green tea

Our green tea

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  • Organic Himalayan green tea...

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    Our exceptional organic green tea comes from Darjeeling tea plantations, at the foot of the Himalayas, in India.

    This exceptional tea is cultivated and harvested manually by small local producers.

    It is a light and floral tea, which has retained its properties intact because it has been little oxidized during its manufacture.

    It is rich in vitamin C and catechins.

    The latter has much more powerful properties than those of a simple antioxidant.

    Green tea is also a fat burner.

    Our organic Darjeeling green tea from the Himalayas is a product from organic farming certified FR-BIO-10.

    It is marketed in a beautiful glass jar, recyclable and refillable.