une marque bio et éthique

Be a Hero.

HECOSFAIR is a solidarity brand of organic, fairtrade & crueltyfree premium products.

H for Hero, because our customers, our employees, our partners are heroes of life and defend a healthy planet, a sustainable and fair world!

Ecos for Ecology and Economy.

Fair for Fairtrade.

The trademark was registered on October 13, 2016 and the simplified joint-stock company HECOSFAIR SASU was registered with the Paris Trade and Companies Register on February 21, 2019.

Coordonnées et autres infomations

5 Avenue Ingres

75016 Paris, France

+ 33 7 69 14 43 65



SIREN : 848 493 326

SIRET : 848 493 326 00013

Capital social : 200 euros

Marque n° : 4298859

Activité (Code NAF ou APE) : 4791B

EORI : FR848 493 326 00013

N° TVA intracommunautaire : FR73848493326

LUCID : DE4599758594152

Our awards and honors

  • HECOSFAIR won, in 2021, the Best Crueltyfree Grocery Brand France award from LUXLife Magazine.
  • Also in 2021, some of HECOSFAIR's delicatessen products are among the 500 best ingredients in the world, in the book Régalades (released by Hachette), by the gastronomic journalist, Victoire Loup.
  • HECOSFAIR is certified by ConsoTrust-AlergoBox thanks to its partnership with CARREFOUR.
  • In 2022, HECOSFAIR received the "excellent" mention for one of these products, by the Meilleurtest.fr site, which carries out tests to develop buying guides to help you consume better.
  • - In 2022, HECOSFAIR won the Best Organic Grocery Store Paris award from North America Business Awards from New World Report magazine.
  • In 2022, HECOSFAIR received a Certificate of Excellence from Restaurant GURU, one of the most popular gastronomic websites in the world.
  • HECOSFAIR is ranked by Le Petit Futé among the best grocery stores in Paris.


I am happy to offer, since 2022, the same range of quality products, organic fairtrade and crueltyfree, for interior and exterior decoration, with HECOSFAIR HOME.

The simplified joint-stock company HECOSFAIR HOME SAS was registered with the Paris Trade and Companies Register on April 19, 2022.

66 Avenue des Champs Elysées

75008 Paris



SIREN : 913 586 020

SIRET : 913 586 020 00012

Capital social : 80 euros

Marque n° : 4298859

Activité (Code NAF ou APE) : 4791B

N° TVA intracommunautaire : FR83913586020

Herlyne Blaise fondatrice hecosfair

The little story of our founder Herlyne Blaise

Received at the Sorbonne to study Classical Letters and Applied Modern Letters, at 19, I came to settle in Paris, which I fell madly in love with.

It is there where I discovered French gastronomy and that I began to perfect my tastes for the cuisines of the world.

After ten years of career in green and renewable energies, I wanted to continue my mother's work in my own way.

So on October 13, 2016, I registered the Hecosfair brand and on February 19, 2019, the SASU was registered in Paris.

It is this passion, combined with my love of gastronomy, nature and animals that I wanted to convey through my brand and my products.

In effect, my mother was a caterer and owned a pastry shop on rue Vallière in Jacmel, Haiti.

From my early childhood, I was lulled by the smell of the delicacies she prepared at 4 a.m. on the large wooden table in the courtyard and which she happily cooked in the large brick oven which occupied a third from the courtyard of the family home.

She made it a point of honor to get her supplies from the small producers in the area and some came regularly to us to offer her their best products.

I loved seeing her cook these products that she loved. And I liked to see the happy impact she had on the lives of her employees who, thanks to her, had a job that they loved and that valued them. Many of them came to see us on Sundays with their families.

I loved seeing his customers, happy, coming back again and again. Some, even today, write to me to tell me that my mother's delicacies are among their fondest childhood memories.

Finally thank you to you because you are by whom and for whom the brand exists.

You are our heroes!

Our values


Hecosfair, épicerie fine, bio, équitable et respectueuse de la cause animaleresponds to the growing demand from customers who want to eat better, take care of their shape and their health, while participating in the development of sustainable development, the animal cause and environmental protection.

It is also aimed at professionals wishing to engage in a sustainable approach by making responsible purchases for their employees as well as for their customers.

Our main objectives are to promote fair trade, organic farming and respect for the animal cause by advocating responsible purchasing, for a better quality of life for consumers, producers and animals.

We are happy to offer, since 2022, the same range of quality products, in cosmetics, hygiene products and accessories with HECOSFAIR BEAUTY.

And to complete our offer with a range of products, also organic frairtrade and crueltyfree, for interior and exterior decoration, with HECOSFAIR HOME.

Hecosfair internationally

We are happy to currently have customers in 23 countries:

  • Germany
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Cyprus
  • South Korea
  • Spain
  • United Arab Emirates (Dubaï)
  • United States 
  • France ( and Dom Tom)
  • Britain
  • Haiti
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Lithuania
  • Luxemburg
  • monaco
  • Netherlands
  • Portugal
  • Sweden
  • Swiss
  • Democratic Republic of Congo

Les produits bio Hecosfair


Hecosfair products are, for the most part, from organic farming and benefit from the organic label.

Hecosfair selects them with the greatest care for optimal quality and preserved excellence.

Products that do not benefit from the organic label are produced in compliance with organic farming standards.

Thus we are committed alongside cooperatives and local producers to support them in obtaining their labels.

Hecosfair, une marque respectueuse de la cause animale

HECOSFAIR defends the animal cause

Hecosfair is committed to offering cruelty-free products and therefore respectful of the animal cause.

Thus we exclude all products that required animal suffering.

And we are committed to fighting for better treatment of animals.

All items not produced in France are purchased from a serious importer, concerned about the quality of his goods, respect for ecology and animals and a follower of fair trade.

Hecosfair valorise le savoir-faire français 

For products grown in France, we source from local producers, following our short circuit ethics.

Hecosfair thus participates in the development of the French economy and also by choosing French suppliers.

 Hecosfair accompagne des coopératives haïtiennes dans leur développement

Some of our products come from Haitian cooperatives.

These products are grown without pesticides, in the family's fields and according to traditional ancestral methods.

They are harvested and packaged by hand, respecting the rules of food hygiene and their taste qualities.

These are thus the maintenance of employment for a hundred Haitian farmers.

Hecosfair s'engage dans la luttre pour réduite les déchets

Hecosfair is committed to the fight to reduce waste and in particular plastic waste.

All of our packaging is recyclable and our glass jars and other containers are refillable and reusable.

In summary, Hecosfair is in line with foodtech by offering you a new way of consuming:

- Eco-friendly

- Ethics

- Durable

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