Our oils of excellence

Our oils of excellence

"From top to bottom, with great care, - Her delicate skin is rubbed - With fragrant oil and benzoin."

Charles Baudelaire

Our oils of excellence

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    Our 100% French organic apricot kernel oil is an excellent beauty enhancer (apricots grown and processed in France).

    Cold pressed, without additives or preservatives, it will pamper your skin.

    It can be consumed as food or as a cosmetic product.

    It softens, hydrates and illuminates our skin.

    It is an excellent source of carbohydrates and provitamin A.

    Store away from light and heat, in a closed container.

    It is a product from organic farming.

    For pregnant, breastfeeding women or children, we recommend that you consult a health professional: only he or she can recommend whether or not to use this product.