Our ground green coffees of exception

Our ground green coffees of exception

"My name is john Caffé, like coffee except that it's not spelled the same !"

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Our ground green coffees of exception

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    Our exceptional organic & fairtrade ground green coffee, originally from Peru, is the ripe seed of the coffee tree, which has not undergone the roasting stage.

    You will be seduced by its delicate aroma, in an infusion, hot or cold, with a little lemon or cinnamon.

    Not having undergone roasting, green coffee contains 2 to 3 times more phenolic compounds than roasted coffee and has many virtues, such as reducing the feeling of fatigue, increasing endurance, stimulating vigilance, awakening the senses and facilitate concentration. It can be a precious slimming aid.

    Our green coffee comes from organic farming certified by FR-BIO-10.

    It is marketed in a recyclable kraft bag, produced by a French family business.