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"You believe in coffee grounds, in omens, in great games: I only believe in your big eyes."

Paul Verlaine

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  • Organic & fairtrade ground...

    From Price €5.21

    Our exceptional organic & fairtrade ground green coffee, originally from Peru, is the ripe seed of the coffee tree, which has not undergone the roasting stage.

    You will be seduced by its delicate aroma, in an infusion, hot or cold, with a little lemon or cinnamon.

    Not having undergone roasting, green coffee contains 2 to 3 times more phenolic compounds than roasted coffee and has many virtues, such as reducing the feeling of fatigue, increasing endurance, stimulating vigilance, awakening the senses and facilitate concentration. It can be a precious slimming aid.

    Our green coffee comes from organic farming certified by FR-BIO-10.

    It is marketed in a recyclable kraft bag, produced by a French family business.

  • Organic & Fairtrade Ground...

    From Price €4.93

    Immerse yourself in the mysteries and legends of Ethiopia through the delicate aromas of our organic & fair trade mocha coffee from Ethiopia.

    The word "coffee" probably originates from the Arabic "K'hawah" which means invigorating, but some linguists claim that it comes from the word "Kaffa", the name of the province of Ethiopia where it was discovered.

    Our coffee is made from pure Arabica.

    Arabica comes from Coffea Arabica which produces a fine and aromatic coffee.

    Our beans are slowly roasted to the heart and stirred regularly to guarantee a perfect release of their aromas.

    They are roasted in France.

    It comes from organic farming certified by Ecocert.

    It is marketed in a recyclable kraft bag, produced by a French family business.

  • Organic ground Bourbon...

    From Price €37.44

    Let yourself be seduced by this legendary café, the flagship of excellence.

    This exceptional coffee comes from a unique and rare variety, Laurina, specimens specific to the volcanic island of Réunion.

    This coffee tree, with a unique, fragile and capricious shape, disappeared, only to be reborn on the island for a few years.

    This Bourbon Pointu coffee beans comes from organic farming and is marketed in micro-Lot.

    A micro-lot is a local coffee from a plot identified for its exceptional quality or its specific preparation. This coffee undergoes "fully washed" post-harvest treatments, that is to say completely washed, then undergoes rapid fermentation in the wet process.

    It is then freshly roasted by our master roast factor of Barista de Bourbon.

  • Blue Mountain ground Coffee...

    From Price €19.91

    Let yourself be seduced by our Blue Mountain Coffee, the legendary and rare coffee from the majestic Blue Mountains (UNESCO World Heritage Site) of Jamaica, in the Caribbean.

    Its sweet and tangy flavor combined with a very good length in the mouth, delicate aromas make it one of the best coffees in the world.

    The rich and fertile soil, the high elevation, the quality of the rainfall and a thick mist combine to provide the ideal conditions for the flourishing of coffee appreciated by gourmets.

    It was roasted in France.

    Character: Delicate aroma with a mild flavor

    Aromatic repertoire: Gourmand

    Region: Blue Mountain

    Altitude: 1500m

    Process: Washed coffee

    Variety: Arabica Typica

    Harvest period: August to September

  • Skybury Coffee From...

    From Price €14.22

    Let yourself be seduced by our Skybury coffee from Australia, roasted in Auvergne.

    It is an exceptional coffee from the legendary and rare Blue Mountain coffee, grown on the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, a Caribbean island. These are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

    Skybury coffee is grown in Australia.

    The rich, volcanic soil, the regular rains and the subtropical climate of the region combine to provide the ideal conditions for the development of this coffee appreciated by fine gourmets.

    Character: harmonious

    Aromatic repertoire: Gourmet chocolate, fruity red berry, floral, spicy

    Region: Queensland

    Altitude: 100 - 900m

    Process: Washed coffee

    Variety: Bourbon, catuai

    Harvest period: July - August

  • Organic coffee from Peru...

    From Price €9.00

    Let yourself be seduced by the notes of peach, plum, apple and rose of our organic grand cru coffee from Peru, roasted in Auvergne.

    This attractive composition of flavors gives it a beautiful complexity with a dazzling length in the mouth.

    It is part of a “Cafe Selva Norte” program run by small Peruvian farms, engaged in agroforestry and reforestation in the country.

    The climatic conditions and the means implemented give a very characteristic fabulous coffee.

    Its production of micro-lots proves it, since all the coffees from this farm are rated at 87 or more.

    It is an organic coffee washed and fermented in a humid environment for 22 hours.

    It is then dried on parabolic patios between 12 and 25 days.

    It is certified FR-BIO-01.