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  • Our pure amethyst massage roller has been one of the beauty secrets of Chinese culture for millennia.

    Facial massage has been a beauty enhancer since ancient times and a powerful anti-stress.

    Amethyst is a symbol of wisdom, humility and nobility.

    It brings calm, serenity, creativity and open-mindedness.

    This semi-precious stone adorned the jewels of the pharaohs, the crowns of British sovereigns and objects of worship.

    It ranges from dark blue to purple violet, depending on the variety of amethyst used.

    Which makes each beauty roller unique.

    The amethyst, 100% natural, has been carved and polished by hand and with water, according to ancestral methods.

    It is marketed in a beautiful organic jute pouch.

  • Let yourself be seduced by the taste notes of our exceptional Matcha teas.

    Our pink matcha from Indonesia is a 100% natural Pitaya or Dragon Fruit powder, which will delight you with its fruity flavor.

    Our blue matcha is made with dried flowers from 100% natural Butterfly Pea shrubs, grown in Thailand. It will rock you with its floral taste.

    Our organic Matcha tea from Japan is selected from the best plantations in Kyoto.

    It is a powdered Japanese green tea, which will surprise you with its sweet note of hazelnut and a pleasant slight bitterness.

    They do not contain any artificial colors or additives.

    They are a product from organic farming certified FR-BIO-10.

    They are sold in a beautiful, recyclable and refillable glass jar.

  • Notre savon crystal améthyste naturel & vegan de France reproduit à la perfection les pierres précieuses, joyaux plein d’énergie positive.

    Il reflète leur beauté et est entièrement élaboré à la main.

    L’artisan savonnier doit respecter près de 180 étapes pour recréer la beauté (les marbrures, les reflets, les couleurs) façonnée par la nature durant des millénaires.

    Beauté qui garde toute sa splendeur même quand le savon est réduit par une utilisation quotidienne.

    Notre savon crystal améthyste naturel & vegan de France est testé sous contrôle dermatologique en laboratoire certifié.

    Il s’adapte à tous types de peau, même aux peaux sensibles.

    Il ne contient aucun dérivé animal et n’est pas testé sur les animaux.

  • Organic Bourbon Pointu...

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    Let yourself be seduced by this legendary café, the flagship of excellence.

    This exceptional coffee comes from a unique and rare variety, Laurina, specimens specific to the volcanic island of Réunion.

    This coffee tree, with a unique, fragile and capricious shape, disappeared, only to be reborn on the island for a few years.

    This Bourbon Pointu coffee beans comes from organic farming and is marketed in micro-Lot.

    A micro-lot is a local coffee from a plot identified for its exceptional quality or its specific preparation. This coffee undergoes "fully washed" post-harvest treatments, that is to say completely washed, then undergoes rapid fermentation in the wet process.

    It is then freshly roasted by our master roast factor of Barista de Bourbon.

  • Organic black garlic PGI...

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    Our organic black garlic, from a French producer, is made with white garlic PGI from Lomagne, confit in seawater.

    Black garlic is a novel food, innovative and highly prized in French gastronomy.

    It comes from the long maturation of white garlic, at low temperature, without additives or preservatives.

    This transformation gives it a refined taste and a melting texture.

    You will find aromas of candied fruit, licorice, undergrowth, balsamic vinegar, lightly roasted.

    Our black garlic will sublimate all your dishes from aperitif to dessert.

    Our organic black garlic PGI from Lomagne is a product from organic farming, certified by FR-BIO-01.


  • Our traditional bamboo whisk, entirely handmade, is an essential accessory in the preparation of our matchas.

    In the traditional tea ceremony, the host uses it to mix the matcha with the water.

    He whips the matcha powder and a little hot (70 ° C) or cold water, forming until a nice foam is obtained.

    He can then, according to the wishes of the guests, add milk to it for a latte.

    The tasty matcha, thus obtained, can be enjoyed in bowls or cups.

    Our traditional bamboo whisk is not dishwasher safe.

    It is recommended to wash it with water after each use and dry it on its ceramic backing.

  • Organic Agar Agar pur...

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    Let yourself be seduced by our pure agar-agar powder, the vegetable food gelling agent, 100% natural and vegan.

    It replaces gelatin perfectly, without altering the taste or the color of the dish.

    It is extracted from a red algae that grows wild in the ocean, and which is processed in France, by a family business.

    Agar-agar is gluten-free, lactose-free, preservative-free and additive-free.

    It is recommended to use 4g for 1L.

    Our pure agar-agar powder will perfectly gel your desserts, dishes and drinks.

    It is a product from organic farming, certified FR-BIO-01.

    It is marketed in a recyclable kraft zipped bag, produced by a family business in France.