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  • Organic & Fairtrade Dried...

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    Let yourself be seduced by the delicate flavor and the naturally blue color of our butterfly pea flowers.

    The infusion of Butterfly Pea flowers also called Anchan, develops a sweet taste with fine notes of sesame.

    It is remarkable and original by its bright blue or pink color (with a few drops of lemon) and its many benefits.

    It can also be enjoyed in cocktails, smoothies, desserts and dishes.

    Produced by a belgian cooperative in Kampot, La Plantation, it is harvested by hand and selected before being dehydrated at low temperature.

    This manufacturing process preserves all the aromas and thus guarantees a high quality product.

    It is a product from organic farming certified by Ecocert.

  • Let yourself be seduced by the taste notes of our exceptional Matcha teas.

    Our pink matcha from Indonesia is a 100% natural Pitaya or Dragon Fruit powder, which will delight you with its fruity flavor.

    Our blue matcha is made with dried flowers from 100% natural Butterfly Pea shrubs, grown in Thailand. It will rock you with its floral taste.

    Our organic Matcha tea from Japan is selected from the best plantations in Kyoto.

    It is a powdered Japanese green tea, which will surprise you with its sweet note of hazelnut and a pleasant slight bitterness.

    Our yellow matcha is a pure mango powder from Peru, with sweet fruity notes.

    They do not contain any artificial colors or additives.

    They are a product from organic farming certified FR-BIO-10.

  • Our traditional bamboo whisk and spatula, entirely handmade, are essential accessories for the preparation of our matchas.

    During the traditional tea ceremony, the host uses them to measure matcha powder and mix the matcha with water.

    He whips the matcha powder and a little hot (70°C) or cold water, forming until you get a nice foam.

    He can then, according to the wishes of the guests, add milk to it for a latte.

    The tasty matcha, thus obtained, is to be enjoyed in bowls or cups.

    Our traditional bamboo whisk and spatula are not dishwasher safe.

    It is recommended to wash them with water after each use and leave them.

  • Borosilicate glass teapot...

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    Enhance your blooming teas, teas, matcha and infusions with our elegant borosilicate glass teapots.

    And embellish your tea ritual to delight your eyes and taste buds.

    It is a very resistant glass that can reasonably withstand high heat, especially that of a stove with a candle or a gas stove.

    They feature a borosilicate glass infuser and a stainless steel filter placed elegantly in the spout.

    They are made by China or Japan.

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    Pure pink quartz gua sha &...

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    Our pure rose quartz gua sha and beauty roller has been one of the beauty secrets of Chinese culture for millennia.

    Facial massage has been a beauty enhancer since ancient times and a powerful anti-stress.

    This semi precious stone, rose quartz is the symbol of love.

    It brings comfort and appeasement to heartaches and emotional wounds.

    It inclines towards joy, happiness and stimulates self-esteem.

    She adorns herself with the most beautiful shades of pink.

    Which makes them unique pieces.

    The rose quartz, 100% natural, has been carved and polished by hand and with water, according to ancestral methods.

    They are marketed in a beautiful organic jute pouch.

  • Organic extra virgin...

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    Our 100% French organic apricot kernel oil is an excellent beauty enhancer (apricots grown and processed in France).

    Cold pressed, without additives or preservatives, it will pamper your skin.

    It can be consumed as food or as a cosmetic product.

    It softens, hydrates and illuminates our skin.

    It is an excellent source of carbohydrates and provitamin A.

    Store away from light and heat, in a closed container.

    It is a product from organic farming.

    For pregnant, breastfeeding women or children, we recommend that you consult a health professional: only he or she can recommend whether or not to use this product.

  • Let yourself be seduced by the fine flavor of our PDO organic pistachio pesto from Brontë in Sicily, due to the lava territory and the Mediterranean climate.

    Of protected origin (DOP), pistachios are grown and processed in Brontë at the foot of Mount Etna by a family business that has perpetuated their cultivation for 3 generations.

    Full of vitamin E and B, magnesium, calcium, iron and protein, it will sublimate your dishes and pastries.

    A handful of pistachios a day reduces the risk of eye and heart disease.

    It moisturizes the skin thanks to saturated fat and antioxidants.

    Do not consume in case of allergy to fruits in shell and oilseeds.

    It is a product from organic farming.