Our crystallized flowers

Our crystallized flowers

"I brought you sweets - Because flowers are perishable - Then sweets are so good - Although flowers are more presentable."

  Jacques Brel

Our  crystallized flowers crueltyfree coffee beans

Our crystallized flowers

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  • Organic Candied Hibiscus...

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    Our delicate organic candied hibiscus flower, which comes to us from Spain, is very popular in gastronomy.

    In a glass of champagne, it is of the most beautiful effect.

    It will sublimate your drinks, your dishes and your desserts, while spreading its many benefits.

    Having been immersed in a sugar bath and then dried naturally, it can also be chewed like a candy.

    Hibiscus, also called Bissap, Sorrel of Guinea or Flowers of Jamaica, is recommended to fight against hypertension and cholesterol.

    The flower is grown and picked by hand in a cooperative in Thailand.

    It is preserved in Spain in a small family business.

    It is a product from organic farming.