Our powdered herbal teas

Our powdered herbal teas

“Impalpable powder of perlimpinpin, the words were born from the steam”

Elliot Perlman

Our powdered herbal teas

Our powdered herbal teas

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  • Organic Hibiscus flowers...

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    Our delicate powdered organic hibiscus flowers, originating in Egypt, will give color to your drinks, dishes and desserts, while diffusing their many benefits to you.

    Hibiscus, also called Bissap, Guinea Sorrel or Jamaican Flowers, is recommended to fight against hypertension and cholesterol.

    Rich in vitamin C and polyphenol, hibiscus flowers are also an excellent beauty ally for your hair and skin thanks to its moisturizing, fortifying and antioxidant properties.

    Our delicate organic hibiscus flowers in powder come from organic farming, certified FR-BIO-01.

    They are sold in a recyclable Kraft bag, produced by a French family business.