Our powdered vegetables & salads

Our powdered vegetables & salads

“Asparagus - Vegetable used as a measure of size.”

Pierre Daninos

Our powdered vegetables

Our powdered vegetables & salads

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  • Organic red beet powder...

    From Price €8.06

    Let yourself be seduced by this organic beetroot powder with many virtues, made in France.

    Rich in magnesium, calcium and potassium, vitamin A, B and E, it is also excellent in cooking as in cosmetics.

    Without artificial coloring, preservatives, or any additives, it will sublimate your smoothies, your drinks, your desserts and your dishes.

    It is delicious on sour apples or oranges.

    Its moisturizing, soothing and coloring properties make it a very popular element in masks and make-up.

    It is a product from organic farming, Ecocert certified, FR-BIO-01.

    It is sold in a recyclable kraft bag, with a zipped closure.

    Keep dry, protected from moisture and light, and cool.

  • Organic & fairtrade pumpkin...

    From Price €14.69

    Our delicious organic and fairtrade pumpkin flour will seduce you with its fine taste and delicate aroma.

    Organic pumpkins are grown and processed in Uzbekistan in the Samarkand region.

    It will sublimate your dishes, your desserts, your pastries, your smoothies while giving you the benefit of its richness in proteins, vitamins and mineral salts.

    It is a product from organic farming.

    It is sold in a recyclable kraft bag.

    The zip closure allows better preservation of your products.