Our vegetable chips

Our vegetable chips

"A good story is like a packet of crisps, when you get to the end, you want more."

Ethan Joe Pingault

Our vegetable chips

Our vegetable chips

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  • Organic beetroot chips...

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    Fall for this crispy organic beetroot chips, vegan, no frying, no salt, no added sugar, and no gluten. It is made in Spain by passionate producers.

    Rich in iron, manganese, fiber, magnesium, calcium and potassium, in vitamins A, B and E, beets are full of benefits (30g is equivalent to 365g of fresh beets).

    Without oil, artificial coloring, preservatives or any additives, it can be eaten plain or adorned with style your aperitifs, salad toppings, creams, soups ...

    It is a product from organic farming.

    It is sold in a recyclable kraft bag, with a zipped closure.